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Sildenafil : now available on Firstmed

Pfizers patent for Viagra in Europe ran out on 22nd June 2013, which means several generic products containing sildenafil citrate are now available as alternatives to Viagra. Sildenafil is one of them.

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Is it legal?

Yes. The expiration of Pfizers UK patent means that pharmaceutical companies registered in the UK can now legally manufacture alternative treatments to Viagra, for example Pfizer Sildenafil and Generic Sildenafil and so you are not breaking the law when you buy these products from us. We only work with GPhC (General Pharmaceutical Council) registered pharmacies so we can guarantee that our products come from reputable companies and are manufactured to the highest quality ensuring they are safe. Dont buy any unlicensed products, or medications produced out of Europe, as they could be illegal and possibly dangerous.

Why is it cheaper?

Generic manufacturers dont have to spend money in research & development, branding or marketing, they only have to pay for the cost of producing the medication, which is actually quite low. There was a lot of talk in the medias about the launching of generic versions of Viagra, and so many people expected very low prices. The reality is that these treatments, which are the same in essence to Viagra, are still only available with a prescription. So you would still have to pay the price of the consultation and the prescription on top of the price of the product.

Product information

"Sildenafil" is exactly identical to Viagra, except for the branding and the packaging, so for full details on this product, including dosage and side effects, please consult our Viagra page.

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