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PATIENTS GUIDE - Information for patients

Summary of FMC Marketing Ltd. Statement of Purpose

FMC Marketing Ltd. is a UK company registered at Companies House (registration number 04780577). FMC Marketing Ltd. provides an online Internet healthcare service available at www.firstmed.co.uk which includes confidential health consultations, medical diagnosis advice and prescribing of medicines in relation to the following medical conditions;

  • impotence
  • weight loss
  • hair loss

Terms and Conditions

Patients who choose to access the online healthcare services provided by FMC Marketing Ltd. will normally be self referred. This is normally done by accessing the web sites

Please note that we do not provide consultations or treatments to anyone under 18 years of age.

FMC Marketing Ltd. offers private consultations, medical diagnoses and prescribing of some medicines in accordance with patients’ individual wishes, but always subject to strict medical assessment for individual suitability. During an initial consultation, patients will be invited to complete a confidential online health questionnaire and once submitted, will be carefully assessed by a qualified medical practitioner to offer a diagnosis. Once a diagnosis has been made, recommended medications will be advised for purchase along with individual costs. Information will also be given of the expected effects and potential side-effects of each medicine in the form of the patient information leaflet that comes with the drug.

Contact with a Medical Practitioner

A General Medical Council (GMC) registered doctor will review your submitted health questionnaire. If the doctor requires further information about your health, this will be done by sending you an e-mail message inviting you to log in to your personal account at www.firstmed.co.uk where you can communicate with the doctor over a secure network.

Charges and Methods of Payment

Payment for prescribed medicines can be made by online credit card purchase using all major credit and debit cards. Online payments are processed confidentially using secure encryption via our servers.

Care Quality Commission

As a provider of an independent healthcare service, FMC Marketing Ltd. is required by law to be registered with the Care Quality Commission as an Mobile Doctors Service (Independent Medical Agency) under the current provisions of the Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2014. As a result, the Care Quality Commission carries out a formal assessment of FMC Marketing Ltd. on a regular basis. Following assessment, a written report is published. If you would like to obtain a copy of the most recent assessment report please e-mail: richard@fmcmarketing.co.uk.

Alternatively, please contact the Care Quality Commission, City Gate Gallowgate, Newcastle Upon Tyne NE1 4PA (Tel: 03000 616161) or visit their website at http://www.cqc.org.uk.


There may be occasions when a patient may wish to complain about an aspect of the healthcare service on offer and FMC Marketing Ltd. welcomes any comments or suggestions from patients. We have a complaints procedure for your information and Mr Richard Adams, Managing Director of FMC Marketing Ltd. will be happy to consider your complaint at any time. If you feel you wish to discuss an issue or indeed make a complaint, we would kindly ask that you bring this to the attention of Mr Richard Adams, FMC Marketing Ltd, 69 Old Street London EC1V 9HX.

Alternatively, you are welcome to contact our regulatory body the Care Quality Commission
Tel: 03000 616161 to discuss the issue further.

Patient Feedback

As part of providing a quality healthcare service, patient satisfaction surveys are carried out regularly by FMC Marketing Ltd. to seek the views and opinions of patients on the service that is offered. The survey is in the form of a questionnaire and is available for all patients to complete at any time.

We are responsible for producing a written report on the results of any satisfaction survey we carry out. This report is available for existing patients, prospective patients and a copy is sent to our regulatory body, the Care Quality Commission. If you would like to read the most recent Patient Satisfaction Survey report, please contact FMC Marketing Ltd. on 0203 176 0021.

FMC Marketing Ltd. - Patient Guide
This Patient Guide describes the online Internet healthcare service, which is provided by FMC Marketing Ltd., Mobile Doctors Service (Independent Medical Agency). The Guide is available for patients and prospective patients and is reviewed on an annual basis. The Guide can be translated into other languages as necessary. Any comments on the content of the Guide are welcome.

Updated 17th October 2017


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Our Doctors:
Doctor Nitin Shori (Clinical Lead) - GMC Reference Number: 6047293
Doctor Alexandra Phelan - GMC Reference Number 6150198

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