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Penis Enlargement. Myths and Facts

Penis size is bound up with many men's view of sexual attractiveness and sexual prowess. Our view of masculinity is critical and although men know that (a) penis size is variable and that (b) sexual satisfaction is not dictated by it, wanting a bigger penis is a real preoccupation for many men.

Oral drugs such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra do not increase the size of a man's penis, simply the quality of his erection. Many programs and products claim to have found the one true secret to a bigger penis. Potential clients should take caution, however, because there is no scientifically proven method of increasing your penis size without risk. By attempting to increase your penis size, you run the risk of losing sensation in your peripheral nerves (making it more difficult to ejaculate), impotence, scarring, lesions or other permanent damage. Few advertised penis enlargement products or processes are open about potential side affects or permanent damage.

What are the common penis enlargement techniques?

Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum pumps promise to increase the size of the penis by forcing blood into the penile shaft through suction. This method may sound reasonable and easy to perform, but it can result in loss of feeling, impotence and damaged blood vessels.

Medication and Pills

Always beware of advertised miracle pills, especially ones that promise to make your penis bigger. Since there is no FDA-approved medication for penis enhancement, advertised penis enlargement pills are not regulated. As a result, there is no guarantee as to what ingredients or medications the supposed penis enhancement pill contains. These meds can pose serious health risks. Not to mention, the pill may be a placebo.

Hanging Weights

Some believe penis enhancement can be achieved by hanging weights from the tip of the penis repeatedly over time. This is perhaps the oldest method of enhancement, but there is no scientific basis and any enlargement that was actually achieved happened over years. Hanging weights may increase the length of a flaccid penis over time, but they do not increase thickness. Weights can also result in stretch marks, lesions and decreased sensation in the penis.


There is a surgical procedure that involves cutting the suspensory ligament (which elongates your penis), but due to safety risks most doctors are not willing to perform this procedure. And, of course, no surgical procedure should ever be performed at home or without a qualified medical professional.


Like weight training programs, penis enhancement exercise methods promise that the penis can be made bigger through strength training and conditioning. However, this myth can also be busted. There are no muscles in the penis and therefore strength training and exercise cannot increase its size.


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